BTS Are Their Own Biggest Fanboys…Whether They Want To Be Or Not

BTS’s trickster members shared one brain cell during a game.

BTS‘s members are the world’s #1 ARMYs, but sometimes it’s not by choice!


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!, the members played a manito game where they exchanged presents. J-Hope and Jimin both gave their partners thoughtful keepsakes, but the rest of BTS proved that mischevious minds think alike!


Suga told his members, “You’ll cry when you see my gift. You’ll be touched”. Nobody believed him, and rightly so, because that was a total lie.


As soon as Jin unwrapped Suga’s gift, he started laughing.


Suga had given him Suga merch!


Suga wasn’t the only member who tried to turn his manito partner into his biggest fan. Jin had the same exact same idea! He gave RJ goods and a homemade KORE keychain to RM.


At first, RM wanted a refund, but Jin insisted that he put a lot of thought into his present.


When Jungkook opened V‘s gift, he burst out laughing.


V gave him a bunch of fans with his face on them!


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