Here Are BTS’s Treasured Possessions And The Stories Behind Them

They shared their treasure at 2021 FESTA.

At 2021 FESTA, BTS brought personal items to the ARMY Corner Store to share with fans. Each one has a story behind it and a special meaning to the member who owns it.

From left to right: Suga, Jimin, Jin, RM, Jungkook, V, and J-Hope.

J-Hope brought two figurines and a mini-megaphone with him. “This bear figure is the item that I started collecting after our debut,” he explained. “And right after our debut, gifts from fans were rare, so they were extra precious. And this is one of the first gifts I got.” 

The mini-megaphone was used at BTS’s rookie-era fan meetings that took place after music shows.

This was our symbolic item to communicate with ARMY. When I think of that now, it’s amazing that we communicated with ARMY this way.

— J-Hope

brought two items: a watch from his father and a MoOO pen. “This is the watch my dad bought me for the first time,” he said. “We got it while traveling through Switzerland.” Despite being broken, the watch is still one of V’s prized possessions.

The pen also has an interesting history. Some kids need a stuffed animal or a blanket to fall asleep, but V needed this pen. He fell asleep holding this pen up until high school. He eventually stopped sleeping with the pen because he would accidentally get ink on his face during the night.

I fell asleep while imagining spinning this pen from when I was young. While I was doing this I could focus on what I wanted to do. I had been doing that for almost like 15 years.

— V

Jungkook brought an old favorite and a new favorite for his show-and-tell: a candle and a karaoke microphone. He lights the candle to set a relaxing atmosphere at home, darkening the room, while playing music.

Since Jungkook can’t go to karaoke right now, due to COVID-19 restrictions, he uses the microphone whenever he feels like singing karaoke-style at home. Jimin pointed out that this is something Jungkook enjoyed doing even before COVID-19.

RM brought slogans from BTS’s concerts and a special group photo. This photo has been one of RM’s prized possessions for years, and BTS once gave out copies to fans. He likes this particular photo because everyone looks “natural” in it.

The slogans, from the LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF encore tour, bring back precious memories from those shows.

Jin brought a medal he won on Run BTS! for tennis and a photo of himself from Bon Voyage, BTS’s travel show. In the photo, which was taken during their trip to Malta, Jin is wearing one of his favorite bags. “Since we don’t have much time to travel,” he said. “I cherish the bag because it was from our trip.” Whenever he looks at the bag, he remembers how much fun he had in Malta with his members.

The tennis medal reminds Jin of his good memories from filming the tennis episodes. He continues to play tennis as a hobby.

Suga brought two tickets from BTS’s concerts. “Recently, I’ve seen some pictures and that’s when I realized our fans keep the concert tickets,” he said. “I thought that’s super cute. When we look at these tickets, we might be confused, but our fans can tell which concert they’re for.” 

Jimin brought two photos with him. One is of a leather jacket that has belonged to three BTS members. The other is a ticket from an amusement park. Suga gave the jacket to J-Hope, who then gave it to Jimin when they were trainees. To this day, Jimin still wears it and keeps it in good condition.

Jimin keeps the amusement part ticket in his wallet. When BTS was reminiscing about their visit, Jimin revealed why Suga couldn’t handle the rides that day. He was hungover!

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