The BTS Members Share Their Candid Thoughts About BTS’s Future

They talked about the future of BTS in a new interview.

If predebut BTS and today’s BTS agree on one thing, it’s this: the future is a mystery.


When BTS were trainees, they couldn’t have imagined what their lives would be like now. In the last six years, they’ve gone from handing out flyers for their free concert in LA to selling out stadiums all over the world. They’ve become UNICEF ambassadors, Grammy presenters, Billboard Music Award winners, and the #1 K-Pop group in the world.


Every day BTS’s music reaches more people and their popularity soars to new heights. Their future is brighter than ever, and the members are looking forward to whatever it may hold.


Recently, Anan magazine released their July issue, which features interviews with BTS. In it, BTS discuss their heroes, working with Halsey, their cherished memories, and the road ahead of them.


Jin has chosen to focus on enjoying today rather than thinking too much about tomorrow.

Because the fans enjoy us, I feel like I can forget my fatigue and keep on running on. But I’m not thinking about the future. That’s because there’s no need to think of a faraway future when we’re so filled with happiness being with ARMYs around the world, right now.

— Jin


Suga says that even if new stars rise up one day and BTS’s situation changes, he believes he will always be creating music.

I believe BTS will go as far as we can. But our work isn’t the type of work that can keep going just because one person wants to continue, nor can it be given up just because one person wants to stop. Times change and we grow older and new rising stars appear, but that’s not something I can stop. As time passes, there may come a moment one day when our situation changes too, but I believe I will always be creating music.

— Suga


Suga’s answer reflects the faraway future, but J-Hope‘s focuses on a more immediate one. He talked about collaborating and connecting with more artists.

It’s very easy to collaborate in this generation. The circumstances make it easy for worldwide artists to experience others works and contact each other if they feel an interest. It’d be nice if more opportunities arose in the future.

— J-Hope


V says that no matter what happens in the future, BTS’s happiness will continue so long as ARMY exists.

I’m able to relax during concerts because I’m making memories with people who are like family to me. This moment, right here, is my utmost moment of youth! This is just an “if”, but even if the cheers become smaller in the future, as long as ARMYs’ voices exist, our happiness will continue on.

— V


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Source: Anan Magazine