What Is BTS’s V Like Off Camera? Just Ask His “Little Sister,” Rina Johnson

She answered fans’ questions.

Over the years, BTS‘s co-workers have had nothing but good things to say about them. Child actress Rina Johnson is no exception to that rule!

Rina Johnson | @rinajohnson_official/Instagram

In 2020, Rina appeared in BTS’s dystopian music video for “ON.” She played V‘s younger sister, who journeyed with her “big brother” to a brave new world.

V and Rina Johnson in “ON” MV | HYBE Labels/YouTube

In a Q&A video, Rina talked about how she landed her role, and she shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes about BTS. Although Rina met all seven BTS members on set, she spent the majority of her time with V.

| HYBE Labels/YouTube

I didn’t really have a full-on conversation with anyone else [but V] because I was just with V. Like, we were in the front while they were all in the back [of the set].

— Rina Johnson

During their time together, V tried to get to know his “little sister” by asking her questions and checking up on her throughout the shoot.

He asked me many questions, like in the first scene, when we were both looking up at the sun he asked if the sun was in my eyes and, since I have really sensitive eyes, I said, ‘Yeah, it is.’ And he was like, ‘Me too.’ That’s why every break he would close his eyes, because it was really sunny.

— Rina Johnson

Language barriers can be tricky, but luckily, like V, Rina speaks more than one language: English and Japanese. “He kept on speaking English to me,” she said. “and I could see that he was really struggling, so I told him that I spoke Japanese, and then he felt more comfortable and started speaking to me in Japanese.” 

Behind the scenes, V and Rina also taught each other dance moves and discussed their interests.  “He asked me if I played any video games,” Rina recalled. “and I say, ‘I don’t really play that much, but my brother does.’ And he’s like, ‘Same. I play games too.'” 

Overall, they had a great time together, and Rina would love the opportunity to work with BTS again.

V and Rina Johnson with BTS members and extras. | HYBE Labels/YouTube

Of course, I would like to work with them again! They were so nice and so fun, and it’s just such a good opportunity that I got to work with them in the first place.

— Rina Johnson

Find out what Rina thought about the other members here, or watch her full Q&A below.

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