BTS’s True Personalities Surprised “ON” Actress, Rina Johnson, On Set

They weren’t what she expected.

Many ARMYs dream of working with BTS, but for one child actress, that dream became her reality.

In 2020, Rina Johnson scored the role of V‘s little sister in BTS’s “ON” MV. In this cinematic music video, BTS traveled through a post-apocalyptic world. It was filmed in Rina’s hometown, Los Angeles.

Rina Johnson with V on set.

In a Q&A video, Rina answered questions about her role and BTS. As V’s “sister,” she interacted with V. Rina went into detail about the time they spent together.

I didn’t really have a full-on conversation with anyone else [but V] because I was just with V. Like, we were in the front while they were all in the back [of the set].

— Rina Johnson

Although Rina didn’t spend much time with the rest of the members one-on-one, she did get to hang out with them as a group.

BTS with Rina Johnson and extras on set. | HYBE Labels/YouTube

Jimin is a very nice person,” Rina said. “I can see that he likes to mess around with the group.” 

Jimin with a child actor on set.

Rina thought BTS would be “really serious” on set, but that wasn’t the case at all!

It’s funny because I thought that the group was going to be really serious, but they still, like, mess around.

— Rina Johnson

Rina remembered one funny moment in particular. “They put on my blindfold,” she said. “and then they were pretend-fighting and stuff, like, ‘Where are you?’ and stuff. It’s pretty funny.”

With BTS, work would never be boring!

Of course, I would like to work with them again! They were so nice and so fun, and it’s just such a good opportunity that I got to work with them in the first place.

— Rina Johnson

Find out what Rina said about V here, or watch here full video below:

True Personalities