This Girl Was In BTS’s “War of Hormone” MV, Here’s What She’s Doing Now

ARMYs lost track of her, but she’s been hiding in plain sight all along.

For years, curious ARMYs have wanted to know more about BTS‘s music video actresses, and one of the most mysterious of these actresses starred in “War of Hormone”.


In 2014, this actress played the heroine all the BTS members were crushing on. At the end of the music video, she chose V by giving him a sweet hug.


After filming ended, many fans who had hoped to follow the “War of Hormone girl’s” career lost track of her. It wasn’t because she’d stopped acting though. It was because most ARMYs were searching for her under the wrong name.


This actress’s name is Han Ah Sun (한아선), but fans may remember her as Jeon Yujin. It is unclear whether the name ‘Jeon Yujin’ was mistakenly attributed to Han Ah Sun, or if she changed her name at some point during her career, but it’s a name that has inspired some rumors and burning questions.


Back in 2014 and 2015, it was rumored that “Jeon Yujin” was related to Jungkook, on account of the ‘Jeon’ surname and her uncanny resemblance to him. These rumors have not been confirmed and are now believed to be false.


For the past five years, Han Ah Sun has continued her career in the entertainment world as a model, actress, and MC.


In fact, BTS fans may have seen her without even realizing it, like when she appeared on the red carpet at the 54th Daejon Film Awards


…and at 2016 KWEBFEST. 


Han Ah Sun starred in episode 3, “Remote Control”, of the VR 360 web series Addicted, which was nominated for “Best VR360” at KWEBFEST that year.


Han Ah Sun has also worked with other K-Pop stars, besides BTS. She acted with f(x)‘s Krystal in a 2013 Adidas CF…


…and co-MCed with Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk at a military event, in 2016.


She was also a batgirl at this baseball event.


Outside of work, Han Ah Sun has advocated for animal adoption because she’s a huge animal lover herself. That cute puppy in the photo is her own dog, Sunny.


Han Ah Sun is also active on Instagram under the username han_a.sun. Her most recent selfie shows off the gorgeous, short hair she’s now rocking in 2019!


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Here’s What The Girl From BTS’s “Boy In Luv” MV Is Doing Now