This Small Detail In BTS’s New Group Picture Got ARMYs Emotional

Their bond is really something from the fairytales.

W Korea just dropped a series of pictorials from BTS J-Hope‘s Jack In The Box listening party last week. Though almost all the A-listers of the Korean entertainment industry attended the event, ARMYs were most interested to see a group photo of BTS, given it’s been a long time since all seven of them have posted any candid pictures together.

Unfortunately, Suga had to skip the party because of a mild cold and fever. He didn’t attend the event out of precaution as he was waiting to get tested for COVID. Fortunately, he tested negative and is doing much better, as evident from his surprise appearance at PSY‘s concert two days ago.

But looks like now it’s ARMY’s turn to sniffle. Among all the pictures posted by W Korea, the group photo of 6 BTS members is making fans emotional. In the full picture, you can see that RM has deliberately left some space beside him for the missing member. J-Hope also reposted the photo on his story and tagged Suga’s Instagram (@agustd).

This gesture reminded ARMYs of when Suga couldn’t join BTS during performances and award shows due to his shoulder surgery in 2020, and BTS always left some space empty for him in their group hugs and pictures.

Time and again, BTS have emphasized how being together as seven makes them feel the most confident and complete. Even if a member cannot perform with them on stage for any reason, they always leave the spot empty instead of trying to cover it up with modifications in choreography positions.

As they say, in the BTS universe, 7-1=0.