BTS Has A New Quarantine Game For You To Play: Bangtan Hopscotch

Play this classic game by BTS’s rules.

Whoever invented the age-old game hopscotch probably didn’t expect it to be played indoors during a global pandemic, but why not add it to your quarantine routine?

If you’ve already gone through this list of BTS-inspired activities, and you want to play a simple game with your fellow shut-ins, take notes from BTS’s photoshoot.

On April 2, BangtanTV shared a new “Bangtan Bomb” from BTS’s Version 4 Map of the Soul: 7 photoshoot. In it, JinSuga, and Jungkook play hopscotch…by their own rules.

“Pose like we’re playing it,” Jungkook suggested. Have you ever seen a hopscotch game like this? Nope. This is pure Bangtan style!

What will ARMY style hopscotch look like?

Watch the video here: