Is BTS’s V Really “New” To Instagram? ARMY’s Dropping Receipts 

Stan account? Wbk.

BTS just opened personal Instagram accounts, but some members might not be totally “new” to the app!

V | BigHitMusic/Facebook

On December 6th, all seven members joined Instagram ahead of their upcoming vacation. In just 24 hours, each account racked up between 17 and 20.3 million followers. While some members have already mastered the app’s features, others, like Jin, are just starting to get the hang of it.

jwehope press the heart for mine

does it mean ‘I like your writing/post’??

jwehope, why do people ‘Like’ things on Instagram though?

— Jin’s comments on J-Hope’s post

This is the first time BTS has joined Instagram publicly, but some fans suspect the members might have used private “stan accounts” in the past. For instance, after checking the members’ status as “new users,” fans discovered that Jungkook‘s account is older than the rest of BTS’s accounts.

| @tete4jim/Twitter

Eagle-eyed fans also spotted the app on Jungkook’s phone during a “Bangtan Bomb” video on BTS’s YouTube channel, BANGTANTV.

| @Rocky_bts_yes/Instagram

Now, it seems like Jungkook isn’t the only “newbie” with an Instagram history! In a 2019 live broadcast, V held up his phone to show ARMYs his Weverse comment. Several icons, including Instagram’s, could be seen onscreen.

If V has been on Instagram for years, that would explain why he’s such a pro at using the app now. His Instagram is the perfect mix of artful aesthetics…

…and his lovable sense of humor.

| @thv/Instagram

(P.S. Yeontan is there too!)

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