BTS’s J-Hope Once Revealed How He Felt Attending The Same School His Father Taught At

J-Hope’s father is a Korean literature teacher.

BTS J-Hope‘s father is a Korean literature teacher, and J-Hope once spoke about what it was like attending the same school his father taught at.

BTS’s J-Hope

During BTS’s guest appearance in KBS Cool FM Changmin’s Music Plaza, they were asked to share some stories from high school. J-Hope then spoke about how he attended the same high school his father taught at.

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J-Hope honestly shared that he was “very careful” during high school and always felt an “obligation to do well” on tests since his father was a teacher. J-Hope felt a little burdened due to things like this.

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J-Hope was then asked if he did well on literature, and he laughingly said, “Literature? I… won’t say anything.”

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Here’s the full video below!


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