BTS’s J-Hope Went Hard During “Baepsae” And No, We’re Not Okay

Fans were unprepared for what he had prepared.

J-Hope just made one of BTS‘s sexiest songs even hotter by giving fans a little something extra!


On April 7, BTS performed Day 2 of their Love Yourself concert in Bangkok, officially ending their 2018-2019 Love Yourself world tour. The members left fans with many unforgettable memories, including one sizzling hot performance of “Baepsae”.


“Baepsae” always brings pelvic thrusts and bad boy attitude to the stage, but this time J-Hope did something that made fans really scream.


Just before J-Hope did this…


…he pointed down like that!


Fans were not prepared for this 19+ move, to say the least.


J-Hope wasn’t the only BTS member whose sexiness made fans go wild. For more, check out what Jimin was doing during “Anpanman”.

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