BTS’s J-Hope Finally Reacts To Going Viral As “The Guy In The Middle”

Here’s why he became a “Carpool Karaoke” legend!

If ARMY’s need instant energy, they just tune into BTS‘s iconic “Carpool Karaoke” video with James Corden! Recently, J-Hope revealed exactly why he went viral as “the guy in the middle.”

On YouTube show MMTG, host JaeJae shared how J-Hope works hard and always shows contagious energy and a bright smile while working.

This was especially evident during James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” segment featuring the BTS members where even people who didn’t know J-Hope fell for his charisma and energy!

The comments said, ‘The guy in the middle is straight vibin’!’

— JaeJae

All of the netizens who had no idea who BTS or J-Hope was filled the comments with love for him.

‘I want to hug and kiss him *mwah*’ is what it says here! ‘Xoxo’

— JaeJae

Host JaeJae asked how J-Hope keeps this up, maintaining his high energy even after being in the industry for years. In typical J-Hope style, he makes working hard look easy!

Well… I just do my best!

— J-Hope

He admits that even despite having a language barrier, he still does his best to show reactions and convey is emotions through various phrases.

Since there’s kind of a language barrier, what else can I do? I can say, ‘Yeah!’ or ‘Cool!’

— J-Hope

One of J-Hope’s latest go-to phrases is “super pumped” pronounced in his own adorable way! When host JaeJae imitated J-Hope’s catchphrase, he couldn’t help but cringe at his own words.

He knows how much the hosts of various shows appreciate the big reactions so he always does his best to do his part and keep the show full of emotion and energy.

During “Carpool Karaoke,” his energy even earned him a hug from James Corden!

Like a true Sandokki (a Korean slang term that refers to a person who works hard with persistence), J-Hope takes his work very seriously.

This is Sandokki. Not complaining, and taking in everything that comes your way. That’s what we have to learn from you.

— JaeJae

Check out more from the episode below.

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