BTS’s J-Hope Couldn’t Hide Who His Favorite TXT Member Is

J-Hope couldn’t help but say, “So cute.”

BTS have always wanted little brothers to take care of. When TXT debuted, they’d received precisely that. Although they care about all the members, they can’t always hide who they have a soft spot for, like Jimin and Taehyun. This time, J-Hope was the one who ended up revealing the member who’s caught his fancy.

As soon as Hueningkai said, “Hello,” during their Big Hit Entertainment Family photoshoot, it was all over for J-Hope. He watched him cutely become confused by his microphone, turning it in his hand and glancing down at it.

His little mishap and adorably nervous greeting had J-Hope smiling from the very start. He was cheesing so hard that he had to lean back, out of the frame, and raise a hand to his mouth to try to hide it. That wasn’t going to hide how fond he was of the maknae, though.

Even when Hueningkai introduced himself as their interviewer, J-Hope was nearly jumping out of his seat to show excitement for him. Sitting upright, he clapped and shouted, still smiling as bright as ever.

When Hueningkai complimented them, “Seriously, you look really good in those suits,” J-Hope was over the moon. After laughing and clapping at both the words and Suga‘s reaction, he looked at Hueningkai and said, “So cute.”

Hueningkai didn’t even have to make any attempts at getting J-Hope’s attention. All he had to do was talk, and J-Hope had his eyes focused on him, smiling warmly at everything he said.

It looks like J-Hope has a major soft spot for Hueningkai, especially if he can share his techniques with him and light up just from seeing him on stage.

Watch Hueningkai be the center of J-Hope’s attention here.