BTS J-Hope Reveals How He Ended Up Giving TXT’s Taehyun Advice

“I wasn’t expecting an article about that.” – J-Hope

Whenever an outlet asks TXT about the advice they’ve received, the best comes from their Big Hit Entertainment seniors that have years upon years of experience as a group: BTS. For TXT’s comeback with “Can You See Me?”, the most solid advice came from J-Hope.

Courtesy of the behind-the-scenes In The Soop footage for episode three, J-Hope revealed how he’d ended up giving them advice and how Taehyun had been the one to pass it on to the group.

While RM, Jimin, and J-Hope were all focusing on their tasks, the latter decided to bring up his advice to TXT that made headlines. Since J-Hope is older and wiser, Taehyun sought his opinion. “I suddenly got a text from Taehyun. Yes, asking me for some advice.

Because the advice could’ve been on any topic and neither of them had heard about it, Jimin and RM asked what J-Hope and Taehyun had talked about. “On what?” “On writing songs?

The advice hadn’t been for Taehyun specifically. He’d asked J-Hope what the group could do to make it the best round of promotions it could be. J-Hope reassured TXT it was all about laying out what they’ve worked on and being proud of it, “He asked me for some advice for their comeback, so I told them that they should always be confident and give it their best.

J-Hope revealed that even he’d been surprised at how the advice had made it into the headlines of major outlets, “I wasn’t expecting an article about that.” Even when he’d only given encouraging advice to TXT through a message, it didn’t escape anyone’s notice.

J-Hope proved what Taehyun mentioned about the two talking often and becoming close. See J-Hope tell his members how he’d ended up giving Taehyun advice to pass onto their juniors here.