Shirtless J-Hope Is Sending ARMY Into A Panic…Because Hot Damn

J-Hope’s stans have been “attacked” twice in one day, and they can’t handle it.

If any J-Hope stans are still alive right now, it’s a miracle.


Some ARMYs are calling “August 23, 2019” J-Hope’s day because their timelines are currently flooding with Hobi goodness.


On this day, J-Hope arrived home from his mysterious trip to Los Angeles, dressed in this spectacularly sexy outfit…that Jin couldn’t help commenting on.


J-Hope’s airport fashion was more than enough to knock ARMYs dead, but their suffering’s not over yet. Soon after J-Hope arrived, BangtanTV dropped a new backstage video from BTS’s Saturday Night Live appearance.


After their “Boy With Luv” stage, J-Hope sat down for a restyling session…shirtless.


The stylists were just being practical, right? After all, they couldn’t risk getting mousse on J-Hope’s stage outfit!


Soon after, J-Hope was back to his fully-dressed, sunshine self…


…but this duality is making fans fall for him even harder!


For more, check out the whole video here: