BTS’s J-Hope Asked Suga To “Be His Teacher”, His Reaction Was Priceless

They gave fans a new SOPE moment at the Lotte Family Concert.

J-Hope and Suga have added a new “SOPE” moment to BTS history!


On August 11, BTS performed “Best of Me”, “MIC Drop”, “FAKE LOVE”, “IDOL”, and “Boy With Luv” at the Lotte Family Concert. This was the last scheduled performance before their 2-month vacation.


During “Boy With Luv”, Jin sings come be my teacher” in English. While Jin was charming the audience, J-Hope was charming Suga!


J-Hope playfully crooked his finger at Suga…


…and Suga broke out into a huge, gummy smile!


Nobody can resist J-Hope’s sunshine, not even his own members!