BTS’s J-Hope Teased ARMYs And Flustered Suga At Muster

J-Hope turned up the heat at BTS’s Seoul Muster.

J-Hope is a phenomenal multi-tasker; he can work the crowd and mess with his members at the same time!


On June 22 and 23, BTS held their 5th Muster at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena. This global fan event created many memories for fans, such as flustering JinRM accidentally soaking Suga, Jin pranking everybody, and Jimin throwing the cutest punches ever.


J-Hope’s visuals were on point from the show’s beginning to end, but one sexy moment drove everyone wild. This shirt was to blame for it…or should we say thank?


At one point, Suga shyly pointed out that J-Hope’s shirt was too low, but instead of buttoning it up…


…J-Hope flaunted it! Suga can be heard laughing in the background.


Fans are loving this sexy-cute moment that might not have happened with Suga’s help!