Jungkook’s Reaction To Jimin’s Punches Is Making Everybody Feel Soft

Jimin brought an arsenal of aegyo to BTS’s 5th Muster in Seoul.

ARMYs aren’t immune to Jimin‘s cuteness and neither is the Golden Maknae!


On June 22 and 23, BTS held their 5th Muster at Seoul’s Olympic Gymnastics Arena. This special fan event had many memorable moments, like when flustered Jin, and RM accidentally soaked Suga.


Another special moment happened during “Boy With Luv”. In the original choreography, Jimin leans up against J-Hope then Jungkook during the first verse.


Instead of doing this at Muster, Jimin punched Jungkook instead!


Jungkook’s reaction was just as adorable as Jimin’s jabs, if not more so.


Jungkook playfully elbowed Jimin back…


…and threw a few light punches when he got the chance to.


Could they be any cuter?