BTS’s J-Hope Wanted To Be A Fairy But Jimin Wasn’t Ready To Hand Over The Title Just Yet

“You’re going to need my permission…”

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4 Story Untold, BTS‘s J-Hope was spotted riding and spinning around on a luggage.


When Jimin called him cute, J-Hope felt kind of special…

How cute!

— Jimin


… so he asked Jimin if he looked like a fairy.

Don’t I look like a fairy?

— J-Hope


That’s when Jimin, who is actually often praised by ARMYs for his fairy-like moments, playfully schooled J-Hope, letting him know that there can only be one fairy in BTS…

I’m sorry but being a fairy is my specialty. You’re going to need my permission to use that term.

— Jimin


… and that’s Jimin himself!

Twitter @piecesofmind_jm


Fortunately, there is another awesome title that actually belongs to J-Hope — and that is “BTS’s Prince”:

10 Times BTS’s J-Hope Looked Absolutely Royal Doing His Signature “Prince” Bow

Source: Twitter