It’s Official — BTS’s J-Hope Makes A Better Sandwich Than Gordon Ramsay

Here’s how to make it like a pro!

On an episode of Celebrity Recipe Royale by Tasty, BTS‘s J-Hope and Gordon Ramsay‘s breakfast sandwich ideas were put to the test to see which recipe was superior.

To create “Huimang Toast,” or “Hope Toast,” J-Hope starts by buttering his toast.

If you don’t have access to room service like J-Hope, Chef Ross Pineda butters his bread and puts it in a slightly-oiled pan.

Next, he adds a little extra butter and then adds a layer of blueberry jam.

J-Hope then adds some scrambled eggs on top…

…as well as some bacon!

Chef Ross Pineda does the same…

…and with that, J-Hope’s simple but yummy recipe is complete!

In the end, the judges chose J-Hope’s recipe over Gordon Ramsay’s sandwich. The sweet and salty combination of flavors definitely appeal to the Korean palette!

Now, it’s time to try the delicious breakfast idea for yourself!

Watch the full video for both recipes below.