ARMY Wonder If BTS’s J-Hope Will Be Collaborating With Soloist Crush After Wholesome Exchange

Will he be the next BTS member to have a collab?

Throughout the years, BTS has made friends with a plethora of celebrities within the K-Pop industry and all over the world.

BTS pose for a selfie | @uarmyhope/Instagram

Most recently, one of member J-Hope‘s friendships has caught the attention of ARMY.

J-Hope | @uarmyhope/Instagram

On April 7, J-Hope posted to his Instagram story, showing his present of a signed album…

BTS’s J-Hope holds up Crush’s signed album | @uarmyhope/Instagram

… gifted by none other than R&B solo artist Crush!

Crush | @crush9244/Instagram

The special “From Midnight To Sunrise” album was inscribed with a heartwarming caption, in which J-Hope replied “Love U bro”.

I’m so grateful to have made such a good connection [with you]. Please keep taking good care of your health and finding joy in making music! :-)

—Crush to J-Hope

J-Hope previously mentioned his friendship with Crush back in 2021 when he recommended Crush’s 2018 single “Lay Your Head On Me” during his BIGHIT Music Record radio program on Melon Station.

One hawk-eyed ARMY also noticed that Crush started to follow J-Hope on Instagram, the first and only BTS member he has followed so far.

After seeing his heartfelt interactions with Crush, ARMY are delighted to see J-Hope form and maintain friendships with other artists within the industry.

However, with the sudden interaction between the two artists, a few ARMYs are also beginning to wonder if a collaboration is in the works.

BTS is known for their multi-artist collaborations in both their group and individual songs, with the most recent being fellow BTS member Suga‘s partnership with PSY on cowboy themed track “That That”.

PSY (left) and BTS’s Suga (right)in “That That” | OfficialPSY/YouTube

Only time can tell what J-Hope and Crush’s friendship will lead to in the future. In the meantime, BTS is set to release their anthology album, Proof on June 10 at 1 PM KST. Check out the promotional trailer below.


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