BTS J-Hope Teases At The Return Of “Hope On The Street” On Instagram

Will we get the series back?

BTS‘s J-Hope asked ARMYs for Instagram theme ideas and fans are giving him the best suggestions!

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So far, he’s known for his boyfriend material photos…

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…and featured some cool retro-style polaroids that capture different moments of his life he wants to share with everyone.

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Lately, he’s showing off his sense of fashion with some OOTD photos!

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Of course, he also shows himself in the cool and unique outfits.

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However, a fan’s recent suggestion on Weverse caught everyone’s attention, including his own!

It’s been a while since Hope On The Street!


Abbreviated as H.O.T.S., Hope On The Street is J-Hope’s series of dance videos where he would livestream or record videos showing his freestyling moves.

Sometimes, various guests are features, including the BTS members!

Fans would definitely love to see the series return in the form of Instagram updates. Whether he uses stories, reels, or any other feature, there are tons of ideas left unexplored!

Another ARMY suggested he shows what he’s eating and drinking lately, but J-Hope said he does that enough anyways. From his snacks like cherry tomatoes…

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…to his favorite drink before bed, everyone’s updated on what he’s loving!

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Whatever he chooses to post online, ARMYs will love it!

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Some fans, however, had some unique suggestions! Check out what they had to say below.

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