ARMYs Spot BTS’s Jimin Sitting On J-Hope’s Lap And Now Everyone Is Jealous

“Jimin is living the y/n life.” 🤣

BTS‘s J-Hope and Jimin share a friendship that is just as precious as they are.

Roommates and best friends, the two have stated that their personalities just match each other perfectly!


However, one specific adorable moment between the two recently made ARMYs lose their minds.

In a recent episode of Run BTS!, the members were playing table tennis when Jimin decided to cling to his Hobi hyung.

The adorable move garnered attention from ARMYs — and might have propelled them into a full-blown fit of jealousy.

Jimin is certainly living the life that ARMYs can only dream of…

…but you have to admit, their friendship is the most endearing thing you’ll see today!

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