BTS Reveals How J-Hope’s Strong, Reliable Personality Has Always Been Like A Leader To Them

“He’s been our pillar since way back.”

BTS once revealed one of the many reasons why J-Hope‘s presence made them who they are today.

Jimin started off by stating that J-Hope has always been a reliable and caring person and friend. Being a celebrity hasn’t changed J-Hope’s kind heart in the slightest.

He has always been the same humble person and has only become more awesome throughout the years. He compares his reliable presence to a mountain.

The members agree with this, stating his ability to keep the entire group steady has been evident throughout all of their years together.

RM reveals J-Hope’s presence is like that of a silent leader, who lets everyone’s opinions be heard before speaking himself.

It takes a tremendous amount of discipline to do so, since listening to others can often be much more difficult than stating your own opinion.

The strongest characters are usually the squinting ones, though he doesn’t squint his eyes. He always listens to the end, hiding his presence. But when he does step up, he becomes the strongest guy.

— RM

They even compare J-Hope to the trope of smiling anime characters whose kind appearance contrasts with their powerful and dominating character.

The members said J-Hope has always been the pillar of BTS, with a strong, reliable presence that holds everyone up.

RM reveals he’s grateful for J-Hope and has previously admitted J-Hope takes care of many leader responsibilities behind the scenes.

Both BTS and ARMY appreciate and cherish J-Hope for his responsible, supportive, and hardworking character!

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