BTS’s Jimin Wows Korean Netizens With Ethereal Appearance And Blonde Hair During The Billboard Awards 2020

They don’t call him the fairy prince for nothing!

BTS recently performed offsite for the 2020 Billboard Music Awards (BBMAs), wowing the crowd with their hit song, “Dynamite”. Not only did they set up stage at the iconic Incheon Airport, they also walked away with the “Top Social Artist” award for the 4th year in a row.

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Not only did they walk away with the prestigious award, Jimin also walked away with many new fans’ hearts! His freshly dyed blonde hair and smart burgundy suit made a huge impact.

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Fans couldn’t keep their eyes off the precious mochi as he nailed all the moves.

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Many commented that he was simply born to have blonde hair as it looked absolutely on point with his fair skin and striking features.

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His looks stand out even more with the heavy eye makeup.

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Who can blame them?

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Online communities were praising Jimin’s visuals for looking luxurious and prince-like.

  • “Jimin looks like a fairy with blonde hair that’s down, and a prince when it’s up… he looked so cool today.”
  • “Jimin is so my type. He’s living his legendary days every day.”
  • “He looks so rich with blonde hair and a burgundy suit.”
  • “Wow, he looks like a French person from Busan. A French doll. His aura is so luxurious.”
  • “Pretty, and f*cking handsome.”
  • “F*cking pretty and f*cking handsome.”

This is not the first time the way he impeccably suits blonde hair has caught the attention of the public. Previously, he even gained the nickname, “the blonde guy in the silver suit” as everyone on social media was scrambling to find out his identity after an appearance at the AMAs.

Source: theqoo