Jimin Asked Fans Not To Watch “Beautiful” MV…It’s Just Too Embarrassing

He brought a blast from the past, and instantly regretted it.

If one thing in this world of lies is true, it’s that anything posted on the internet never goes away!


On October 20, BTS‘s Jimin went live with fans to chat about his new ear piercing, medical advice…and a “Beautiful” blast from the past!


On October 1, 2013, BTS released their Korean cover of “Beautiful” (Feat. Miguel) by Mariah Carey. In it, the maknae line members and J-Hope try to charm an actress into choosing them as her bias? Boyfriend? We may never know.


What we do know is that Jimin never thought he’d bring up the MV again!


Just saying the title was enough to make him laugh bashfully.


He looked up the upload date to see how old the music video is, but he couldn’t bear to watch it.


He playfully begged fans not to watch it either…


…and even went so far as to “re-debut” as a brand new Jimin!


Rewatching “Beautiful” MV goes against Jimin’s wishes, but if you can’t resist the temptation, here it is!