BTS Jimin Begged Fans To Get Rid Of This Photo, Everyone Refused Including BTS

“Please…I beg you…I was wrong…”

A clip of BTS’ Jimin begging fans to get rid of a certain photo has been resurfacing and fans are getting a good laugh out of it.

The video was taken at a fan meeting where a photo from Jimin’s past showed up on the large screen.


After seeing this, Jimin went down on his knees and begged his fans to forget about the photo: “Please get rid of this…I beg you…I was wrong…”


In fact, the photo was a selfie that Jimin posted on Twitter in June 2013. The post was captioned, “Am I…charming?”


Looking back on Jimin’s dark eyeliner and his caption, fans and the other BTS members couldn’t help but poke a little fun at Jimin for it.

“He’s a charming fellow.”

“Is Jimin…charming?”

“Is Jimin…charming?”

“Was I…smart?”

“Am I…charming?”


It seems that BTS and fans may never let Jimin forget about his legendary Tweet if only because his reaction is just too cute! Check out the video clip below:

Source: Dispatch