Jimin’s Kind-Hearted Dad Always Looks After Him, Even On Tour

His sweet gestures warmed everyone’s hearts.

If you’re wondering where Jimin‘s sweet personality came from, all you have to do is look at his parents!


Jimin’s mom and dad have stayed out of the spotlight, but fans have learned about their kindness from neighbors, BTS‘s members, and, of course, Jimin himself.

Jimin with his mother.


According to the mother of a childhood friend, Jimin’s father spent a lot of quality time with Jimin. He’s also an active member of the community, known to donate money to local schools.

I remember that Jimin’s father often took Jimin and all his friends for a picnic, and spent much time with them. He was a really thoughtful dad. I think this is why Jimin could have been so successful.

— Mother of Jimin’s friend


Even when Jimin is away from home, Mr. Park finds ways to take care of him. For example, for Jimin’s birthday, he sent a bouquet of flowers, a gift, and a touching card to Amsterdam.


In the latest episode of Bring The Soul, Mr. Park once again took care of his son from afar. Whien BTS was in Newark, Jimin’s dad called and offered to bring Jimin food.


Jimin assured him that they had all they needed, and asked his dad to look after himself instead.


Jimin’s dad ended the call by cheering “fighting!”


…and afterward, Jimin broke out in a huge smile.


Could his dad be any sweeter?