A Fan Told BTS’s Jimin Why Her Boyfriend Hates Him, His Reaction Was Priceless

Jimin received a hilarious and brutally honest confession from a fan.

During a live stream, Jimin received a brutally honest confession from a fan that took him by surprise.


On January 20, Jimin gifted fans with his first live stream of 2019. He chatted with ARMYs in his hotel room and replied to comments. One particular comment earned an adorable reaction from him.


A fan told Jimin that her boyfriend doesn’t like him because he has to compete with Jimin for her affection. The fan declared that she can live without her boyfriend, but she can’t live without Jimin!


Jimin burst out laughing and told the fan to stop or else her boyfriend would come and beat him up!


Even so, Jimin loved the comment so much that he couldn’t stop smiling after.


ARMYs loved it too! After all, how can you not give your heart to someone…


…as precious as Jimin?


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