BTS’s Jimin Once Told A Fan This When She Asked What He Does When He’s On The Verge Of Giving Up

The touching words gave her encouragement.

BTS‘s Jimin is known to give fans great advice! Not only does he teach fans to love themselves by setting the best example, he also gives them comforting words at fan signs.

Once, at a fan sign, an ARMY attached a post-it note to her album for him to respond to. Post-it notes are usually used in fan signs in order to ask the idol a question and receive a quick written answer. This particular one read as the following.

When you want to give up, what is the incantation that only Park Jimin says to himself, in order to overcome it?

— Post-it by ARMY

The ARMY had asked him what he does when he feels like giving up. Jimin told her that he would often just think about the him in the future, and be motivated to work hard by imagining himself when he has reached success. The ARMY was touched by his words and thanked him for the advice. He had also written “I just think of my ownself” on the post-it.

Looking back on the moment now, it seems almost prophetic! BTS has grown to become one of the top boy groups globally.

Source: Pann