Jimin’s Shameless Flirting Is Making His Fans’ Hearts Explode

He put ARMY’s health at risk during this broadcast.

For some people, like BTS‘s Jimin, flirting is like breathing; it comes naturally to them, and they can’t live without it.


On August 14, Jimin went live with fans for the second time since BTS’s 2-month vacation began. He chatted with sleeveless RM, sang a duet with Jin, and nearly killed ARMY with his cuteness.


Jimin can make fans suffer blissfully without even trying, but when he does try, watch out!


During the live, an ARMY asked Jimin not to zoom in on himself because it makes her “heart explode”. Did he respect her wishes?


Heck no! Jimin stuck his face into the lens and asked, “Has your heart exploded yet?”.


Then he sat back, looking extremely pleased with himself.


Poor ARMY. When Jimin’s around, their health is always at risk!


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