BTS’s Jimin Gave J-Hope The Sweetest Hug And Now We Want One Too

“Now” is always the perfect time for a hug.

BTS‘s soft hours are always open when Jimin‘s around!


In Episode 2 of Bon Voyage 4, BTS went on a roadtrip in New Zealand. Their journey was full of memorable moments like Jin‘s parking lot chaseJungkook‘s mischief, walkie talkie shenanigans, and an adorable Jimin J-Hope hug.


Episode 2’s “Story Untold” shows J-Hope and Jimin waiting for their driver, Jungkook, to unlock the campervan.


Isn’t this the perfect time for a hug? Jimin seemed to think so…


…but J-Hope wasn’t so sure! “Was this really necessary?” he asked.


Jimin giggled an apology, then spun around, back-hugging his hyung. J-Hope was all smiles because of course, of course, Jimin’s hugs are necessary!


Jungkook, on the other hand, has a very different way of showing love for his members.

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