BTS Had Way Too Much Fun With Walkie Talkies On Their Roadtrip

Things got a little chaotic during BTS’s drive through New Zealand.

Question: How do you make a roadtrip 10x more fun? Answer: Use walkie talkies. Oh, and be BTS!


In Episode 2 of Bon Voyage 4, BTS split up into two groups to drive to their lodgings in the idyllic New Zealand countryside. Jungkook drove the camper with JiminJ-Hope, and V, while Suga and Jin took turns driving the van with RM. The groups used walkie talkies to stay in contact with each other (and their staff).


As soon as Suga’s voice hit the airwaves, BTS’s chaotic communications began! Jimin told Suga that his voice sounds sexy through the walkies, but it seemed like Suga was ignoring the compliment.


(In reality, he didn’t hear Jimin…at first.)


Unfortunately for RM, walkie talkies technology seemed to be against him from beginning to end. First, he couldn’t figure out how to use it, and when he did figure it out his message went ignored!


Then, during their hilarious “car-aoke”, Jin and Suga used their walkies to prove that RM (aka the young whipper-snapper) was wrong. Since V also knew the song they were singing, they were definitely not old men singing old man songs that skipped RM’s generation!


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