BTS’s Jungkook Went Hiking With A Dog…But Without A Cameraman

The staff had no idea what Jungkook was up to in “Bon Voyage 4”.

BTS traveled to New Zealand to film Bon Voyage 4, but Jungkook may have forgotten about the “filming” part!


In Episode 2, Jungkook woke up one morning to go adventuring in nature, but he apparently forgot to tell the staff.


A cameraman was surprised to spot Jungkook in the distance, hiking up a hill without any staff members to film him. According to a second cameraman, Jungkook wasn’t totally alone; he had a furry friend with him!


If the staff was hoping to relax that morning, they were out of luck. This cameraman, who had to hike up the hill after Jungkook, can be heard panting in the background. (Someone give him a raise!)


Jungkook lost track of the dog, but he brought back a huge slab of icy snow.


Why snow? That what and everybody else wanted to know!


It turns out that the snow was a gift for Jimin, who loves snow.


This isn’t the first time Jungkook’s cameramen have suffered. Check out the last time he gave the staff a workout!

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