BTS’s Jimin Once Revealed What It’s Like When “Dance Leader” J-Hope Comes Out

Jimin believes that J-Hope “becomes a completely different person.”

BTS is known for their incredible dance performances and synchronization, and a big reason behind this is their amazing dance leader, J-Hope!

BTS’s J-Hope

Jimin once spoke about what “dance leader” J-Hope is like during a guest appearance in NHK-FM Music Line.

BTS’s Jimin

Jimin shared that when BTS practices, J-Hope is extremely strict.

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Jimin even believes that J-Hope “becomes a completely different person” when it comes to practicing and dancing!

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Jimin shared that when they practice, J-Hope shows a more “manly side.”

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J-Hope laughed a bit as Jimin shared this, and he praised the members saying that they practice seriously and practice hard even without him saying anything. J-Hope also said that all the members are amazing dancers!

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Here’s the full video below!