BTS Jimin’s Moves Vs. J-Hope’s: A Comparison Only To Prove They’re Both Irreplaceable

They are drastically different, but equally amazing.

In a recent video post, an expert K-Pop idol trainer In Ji Woong compared BTS‘s Jimin and J-Hope side by side for their opposite dancing styles.


He pointed out Jimin has his own way of interpreting the choreography and adding his unique spice to it. According to him, Jimin can effortlessly highlight the details in any dance because he has a deep understanding of how he wants to move his body.

So if you ask Jimin how you could move like him, Jimin would not be able to tell you. His dance is like an art. You cannot duplicate it. And so, this quality makes him the most eye-catching dancer in the team. He would be, in a soccer team, the striker like Zlatan Ibrahimović.

— In Ji Woong


On the other hand, J-Hope’s dance style can be defined as “precise”. In Ji Woong explained that J-Hope makes the most of his long arms and legs by creating large, fluid motions — but all the while keeping his movements on beat and accurate to a T. His exact movements are not only satisfying to watch, but also well-coordinated with his teammates’ moves.

J-Hope probably calculates every move before he makes them. He processes the whole choreography, completely grasps it, then puts it out as it was meant to be… He tones down his own vibe so that he can blend in with his teammates. J-Hope’s style is one to shine light on everyone in the team, not only himself. That would make him a well-rounded, all-star maestro playmaker like Andrea Pirlo.

— In Ji Woong


In Ji Woong concluded, “There is actually no point in calling one better than another, because they are both amazing dancers” — which is absolutely true. As the two opposite ends on the dance style spectrum, Jimin and J-Hope both add so much depth and color to BTS’s choreographies!


Watch the full video here:

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