J-Hope’s Meaningful Present Nearly Made Jimin Cry

He was deeply touched.

The most memorable gifts are the ones with the most meaning, not the highest price tag. BTS‘s Jimin can attest to that!


In Episode 85 of Run BTS!, the members played a manito game where they exchanged presents. Their presents ranged from gag gifts to thoughtful keepsakes. After being fooled not one, but four times, Jimin received a beautiful gift from J-Hope.


J-Hope’s gift was a one of a kind CD of Jimin’s song “Promise”, complete with jacket photos and a personalized message.


In the “Behind the Scene” for this episode, Jimin sincerely thanked J-Hope for giving him such a special present.


J-Hope predicted that Jimin would cry when he received it, and he was right!


Jimin was so touched that he had to hold back tears.


The only thing more precious than this gift is their friendship!