BTS’s “CEO Park Jimin” Is Just As Chaotic As It Sounds

Welcome to BTS Office!

BTS‘s Jimin isn’t just a Boss Baby look-alike. According to himself, he’s also the boss of BTS Office!

| @teenyjimi/Twitter

During their office concept photoshoot, Jimin didn’t like the informal tone that his employee J-Hope was taking with him!

How dare you speak like that to your boss!

— Jimin

This was news to J-Hope, who asked when the younger member had suddenly become his boss.

I’m the CEO!

— Jimin

Asking CEO Park for handshake, J-Hope was on the brink of getting “fired.”

His teasing of the CEO didn’t stop there! He commented on Jimin’s flashy accessories…

…and Jimin came back with an equally witty answer.

I barely take them off, not even when I’m taking a shower.

— Jimin

Full of teasing and playing around, BTS Office definitely isn’t your typical office!

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