BTS’s Jin Got Some Food On His Hand… And He Decided To Be A Little Playful Towards Jimin

This isn’t the first time Jin has done this!

BTS‘s Jin is playful towards Jimin, especially towards Jimin’s clothes!

BTS’s Jin
BTS’s Jimin

There have been many instances where Jin decided to use Jimin’s clothes as towels. One time, he decided to wipe his sweat on Jimin’s clothes, which caused Jimin to playfully “karate chop” his neck.

There have also been times where Jin wiped food on Jimin’s clothes.

Jin’s playfulness towards Jimin’s clothes was once again seen in a recent live broadcast. Jin was eating some salad in the live broadcast, and he began laughing, and some spit and food got on his hand.

Jin decided to be playful and wiped his hand on Jimin’s clothes! Jimin was in “disbelief,” and he told him that he was wearing a new outfit he bought specifically for the live broadcast.

After Jimin said this, RM and Jin told him that the outfit was pretty. Jin then wiped his hand on Jimin again!

Jimin told Jin to stop since he didn’t want his clothes to smell like balsamic sauce, and Jin jokingly told Jimin that he shouldn’t be ashamed of the scent.

Just another playful moment between Jin and Jimin!

Source: Naver Live