BTS’s Jungkook, J-Hope, And Jimin Caught Being Rebellious AF On Break

These members have done nothing but break the rules since their vacation started.

BTS just began their month-long break, but they’re already breaking all the rules! So far, fans have caught three of the members, JungkookJ-Hope, and Jimin, being rebellious AF during their vacation.


Let’s start with the least of the three offenders, Jungkook. BTS are supposed to be relaxing on their vacation, not working, but Jungkook revealed that they are still working on their new album. He hyped fans up by saying “we’re in the middle of recording” in a recent fancafe chat.


Jungkook broke an unspoke rule, but his partners in crime broke some official, written rules. In J-Hope’s January 28 live stream, he played his song “1 VERSE” while giving fans a studio tour. The music came from a fanmade lyric video which is, technically, prohibited by Big Hit Entertainment for copyright infringement.


Speaking of copyright infringement, will Jimin be getting handcuffed soon? Fans caught him committing the crime of screenshotting BTS’s Save Me webtoon then tweeting it out to the world!


Fans are cracking up over the incidents and falling in love with these rule-breakers all over again.


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