BTS’s Jimin Introduces Himself With Korean National Anthem on Zach Sang Show

Korean fans are loving the tribute.

BTS recently spoke on the Zach Sang Show, which was soon shared with fans via Zach Sang‘s social media.

Among many interesting topics BTS and Zach Sang talked about, the part that stood out the most to Korean fans was Jimin‘s unique introduction which also paid tribute to his home country.

As soon as the interview started, Jimin sang the beginning of the Korean national anthem in his signature, smooth and sweet voice.

When Jimin burst into laughter and stopped singing, Zach Sang urged him to keep going.

It was only after Jimin’s Korean national anthem that the members introduced themselves and proceeded with the interview.

The Korean fans’ responses to this were explosive.

Jimin sang the Korean national anthem as soon as the interview began, hahaha.

– Fan

I strongly recommend Jimin’s version of the Korean national anthem.

– Fan

Our Jimin, who sang the Korean national anthem with soul. He has such a charming voice.

– Fan

BTS’s Jimin had such good sense to sing the Korean anthem in America. He’s really the best at boosting national prestige.

– Fan

BTS’s Jimin sang the Korean national anthem on a radio station and greeted everyone with a charming cave voice.

– Fan

Not only did fans love his soulful voice, but they loved that Jimin paid tribute to his home country on an American radio show.

Check out the full interview below:

Source: Dispatch