ARMYs Notice BTS Jimin’s Unique Habit During Live Broadcasts

Did you see this?

BTS‘s Jimin is always doing whatever he can to put a smile on ARMY’s faces!

Live broadcasts offer members a chance to make fans’ day in real time. ARMYs have quickly learned that Jimin always finds a way to make them smile — even if he’s not the star of the show!

If you pay close attention, the ghost of HYBE that seems to be knocking on all of the members’ doors in none other than Jimin himself!

As a repeat offender, ARMYs have noticed at one point or another, Jimin will make his way into the background — and of course, provide some quality entertainment!

Sometimes, he may just be passing by to say hello…

…but it’s always fun for both ARMYs and the BTS members when he joins in on the livestream!

During BTS’s next livestream, always make sure to check the silhouette in the door…

…because you never know who will show up to brighten your day!