BTS’s Jimin Has Held Onto This Precious Keepsake For 6 Years

This paper is priceless to him.

BTS‘s Jimin has a treasure that’s worth more than gold: a keepsake from a special day, six years ago.


Jimin has been called BTS’s “memory keeper” because he holds onto sentimental items that remind him of happy moments, like these concert banners…


…and these polaroids. Jimin once chose these photos, taken during schedules and his personal time, as his most treasured possessions.


Another one of Jimin’s treasures comes from March 17, 2013. On this day, BTS visited Lotte Duty Free together, dressed in all black…


…and Jimin still has the ticket. In his new Vlive, filmed after the Lotte Family Concert, he revealed that he has kept the ticket in his wallet all this time.


ARMY didn’t need another reason to love Jimin, but he’s given them one anyway! Could he be more precious?