BTS’s Jimin Got The Members To Fall For His “Trick” In “Run BTS!”

RM knew something was a little “fishy.”

In episode 132 of Run BTS!, there were many playful moments between the BTS members, and Jimin even hilariously “tricked” the members.

BTS’s Jimin

In the episode, the members had several debates. For each debate, the members split into two teams of three, and one member would be the moderator. There were also forbidden words and actions for each debate, and if they were said or done, then all the members would get sprayed or drenched with water.

When Jimin was the moderator, he picked “Yes” as the forbidden word, and he decided to be a little playful. RM even noticed that Jimin was up to something!


Jimin soon called RM, and he answered by saying, “Yes!” After this, the members got sprayed or drenched with water.


While RM was in “disbelief” for walking right into Jimin’s “trap,” Jimin thought it was hilarious.


Jimin soon called Jungkook, and Jungkook answered the same way RM did, which led to more “punishments.”


After this, RM told him about the forbidden word.


Jimin soon called V, but V didn’t exactly say “Yes.”


Jimin is quite the prankster!

BTS’s Jimin
Source: Naver Live