BTS Made Sure That Jin Was Receiving His “Punishment” In “Run BTS!”

The members were “strict!”

In episode 131 of Run BTS!, BTS debated various topics. During each debate, the members split into two teams of 3, and one member would be the moderator. There were also forbidden words and actions for each debate, and if they were said or done, then all the members would get splashed or sprayed with water.

Jin was the moderator in one of the rounds, and he decided to be a little “sneaky.” Midway through the debate, Jin stepped a bit forward so that the water would only splash his back.

It didn’t take long for the members to notice this, and they told him to lean back.

Jin, as the moderator, made a rule where the members had to raise their hands before speaking. J-Hope, V, and Jimin all raised their hands and told Jin to lean back.

Jin listened to the “strict” members and quietly leaned back.

It looks like the members wanted to make sure that Jin was receiving his “punishment” properly!

BTS’s Jin
Source: Naver Live


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