BTS’s Jimin Found A New Way To Prank RM During “Anpanman”

He found a hilarious new way to surprise RM and fans.

BTS‘s Jimin loves to play around RM at concerts, and he recently came up with a new way to do it.


In the choreography for “Anpanman”, RM is supposed to pass “bread” to Jimin, but this doesn’t always go as planned.


Instead of taking the “bread”, at concerts Jimin often hides


…or runs away from RM!


Jimin has done this so often that, sometimes, RM doesn’t even bother chasing him.


On March 20 and 21, BTS performed the first two days of their 4-day LOVE YOURSELF concert in Hong Kong. At one show, Jimin pranked RM in a new way. Instead of running or hiding, he pretended to eat RM’s head!


RM’s reaction…


…and his panicked voice are priceless!


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