BTS Jimin’s Name Can’t Trend On Twitter Due To Its Popularity — But ARMY Cleverly Finds A Way

The Twitter algorithm can’t stop ARMY!

BTS‘s Jimin is one of the most popular words tweeted on Twitter every day — but it doesn’t show up in the trending topics! Here’s a quick look at just why that happens, and how ARMY cleverly manages to get him in the trends anyway.

Jimin from BTS. | @bts_twt/Twitter

When it comes to Twitter trends, one might think it just boils down to which words, phrases, or #hashtags are being used a lot in one moment. That was true when Twitter first launched back in 2007, but then they switched up their system — one reason why was Justin Bieber!

For many consecutive months, Justin Bieber’s name topped the Twitter trends thanks to his dedicated Belieber fanbase. This came to an end, however, in 2010 when Twitter updated its algorithm to focus more on topics that are “immediately popular” rather than those that have “been popular for a while.”

Twitter is about what is happening right now, and we have recently updated our trending topics algorithm to reflect this. The new algorithm identifies topics that are immediately popular, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis, to help people discover the ‘most breaking’ news stories from across the world.

— Twitter representative

This same algorithmic change is what keeps Jimin from appearing on the Twitter Trending Topics every day, even though his name easily could take the top spot due to its popularity online! Numerous tweets have gone viral talking about Jimin’s immense presence on social media.

Justin Bieber’s fans got around the system by tweeting out words like “Twieber” or “Jieber,” cleverly getting their favorite musician onto the trending list. The Twitter algorithm didn’t pick up on the simple change to Justin Bieber’s name, allowing his fanbase to keep him trending.

ARMYs have since taken up the torch as one of the most prominent fandoms on Twitter and found their own ways to get Jimin trending. Just this week, Jimin’s name made it into the trending topics as a phrase: “JIMIN JIMIN.” Because that phrase was tweeted over a million times within a short period, it skyrocketed on the Twitter Trends!

| Twitter

Other words or phrases ARMY have used include “Jiminie,” “Park Jimin,” and “Sweetheart Jimin.” Even “Prince Erictrended as soon as Jimin posted a selfie of him looking just like the Disney character!

| @bts_twt/Twitter

It’s clear to see that ARMY will always find a way to show their admiration and support for Jimin, and it definitely makes for some creative and adorable trending topics. Read more below on times Jimin has gone viral even among non-ARMYs!

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Source: Christian Science Monitor, Twitter Blog and Twitter