BTS Reveals How Jimin’s True Personality Changed Since Debut

They used to tell him to control his temper.

BTS once revealed all the ways Jimin has changed since he debuted.

V revealed that during the time of their debut, Jimin was quite sensitive due to his nerves.

This, combined with the fact that he and Jimin are very different, caused them to argue a lot.

Jimin’s sensitivity made it hard for the duo to overcome their differences.

However, this has all changed as time went by. Jimin is much less anxious nowadays which allows them to understand each other’s differences.

They began to get along so well that V considers Jimin his best friend.

Specifically, V revealed how Jimin changed in terms of expressing himself.

Back in our “Danger” days, he didn’t have many songs to express himself.

— V

Jimin changed along with BTS’s music; instead of trying to live up to a tough image, he began to accept himself as he is.

Both V and Jimin agree this new version of himself is much more natural.

Jimin revealed his personality was strange, to which the members assured him they were all strange. As Jimin changed from a teenager to an adult, he went through many changes just like everyone else.

To prove that he changed, Jimin even shared how the younger members once told him to control his temper. In retrospect, it’s hard to imagine someone as understanding as Jimin in that position!

Suga believes all of the members have softened up over the years, including Jimin.

All of these changes made Jimin into the loving, selfless person he is today!

| @BigHitEnt/Twitter


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