BTS’s Jimin Proved, Once Again, That Chairs Are His Archnemesis

Jimin nearly wiped out in the latest episode of Run BTS!.

BTS‘s Jimin is one of the most graceful people on the planet…except when chairs are involved.

“Jimin vs Chairs” is a never-ending saga. It began back in 2013…

…and continues to this day.

Jimin can leap across the stage with a swan’s grace, but can he sit on a chair like an ordinary human being?

No. No, he can not.

In episode 78 of Run BTS!, Jimin once again lost to a chair. He leaned back a bit too far and suddenly lost his balance. He was going down, down, down….

If it wasn’t for V, he would have ended up on the floor!

One day, Jimin may win against his four-legged arch nemesis, but that day is not today!


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