Jimin Names This As The Reason Why People Love BTS So Much

Jimin discussed BTS’s immense popularity and the reasons for it.

Why, out of hundreds of K-Pop groups, has BTS soared to the very top? Jimin himself has tried to pinpoint the answer.


Episode 5 of the Bring The Soul docu-series takes us inside the minds of the members once again. During a car ride, Jimin reflected on the reason for ARMY‘s diehard love.


“I worry a lot,” he confessed. “When I’m in my room, I get all kinds of thoughts. ‘Why do people like us?'”


“Probably because we work hard, but who doesn’t work hard? Others make good music and do their best too. So why us?” 


“In our interviews, we always talk about how close we are, how we try to communicate a lot with our fans, but that’s not just us. Everyone else does that.”


Why do people love BTS? At first, Jimin couldn’t give a definitive answer, but toward the end of the episode, he pinpointed the reason why he believes BTS has won the hearts of millions.


“I think many people do know,” he said. “I think people like us, not because we are perfect, but because we are not. We have a lot of shortcomings. I think that’s why.”


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